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A better way to build financial products

Design, manage and deploy world-first solutions at warp speed with HyperLayer

Layer Core

Reimagined from the ground up to orchestrate the most complex financial use cases at unprecedented speed and scale.
Today's ledgers and payment infrastructure aren’t designed for the modern world. Layer Core is an exoskeleton that revolutionizes existing systems without a rebuild.


Be at the center of your customers’ daily financial lives. Acquire deposits with breakthrough features like automated social saving and spending, blocking, and partitioning.


Build a scalable lending capability. Place fine grained control over inbound and outbound payments, add custom rules for every imaginable scenario.

Loyalty & Rewards

Maximise delight. Give users the ability to pay from multiple value sources in a single tap. Combine bank products, bank funded loyalty and merchant funded rewards into one platform.

Media Wallet Networks

Perfect targeting and attribution. With unique spending intent data, get real-time engagement in the spending channel at the point-of-sale.

With you from concept to delivery
Designed for your use cases, every step of the way


Design and deliver products that provide a meaningful impact to your customers. HyperLayer's extensibility serves the most unique propositions with ease.


Built on the back of high frequency trading systems, HyperLayer's core can process unprecedented complexity at the lowest latency.


With decades of deep experience building financial products. Our team know what’s required to build scale and resilience at the core of every proposition.

Increase revenue. Reduce risk. Lower costs.

Enterprise Ready.


99.9999% availabilityMulti cloud deploymentsCross-region failovers


> 20K transactions per second< 100ms latency