Functional Money

Liberating payments from fixed accounts changes everything
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Our OS will transform wallets, loyalty, lending and disbursementsWe power revenue and engagement for Banks, Asset Managers, Enterprises and SMEs


WalletsHigher revenue and engagement for your businessBreakthrough social spending, saving, budgeting and loyalty capabilities for your customers and employees
Loyalty, Rewards & MediaThe first Wallet Media NetworkUnique financial intent and social network data in an open-loop wallet. Precision targeting, execution and perfect attribution within a budgeting and spending ecosystem
LendingMake better decisions for you and your customersExceptional consumer, business, and supply-chain propositions driven by our real-time rules engine
DisbursementsFine-grained control of disbursementsAssign where, when, how much, and with whom money is spent, effortlessly
DataBlockbuster behavioural insightsOur Operating System allows for unique saving and spending journeys, creating completely new data sets from individual and social networks